Here you will find details about my Ph.D Research, Publications, teaching and student projects supervision.

I am researching in the area of Network Management in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), specifically Fault Management and its related issues in WSN. My field of interest also includes Network Self-Organization and Clustering, Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud computing. My Ph.D. was funded by University of Malakand, under Faculty Development Program  (FDP), sponsored by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan.

I am the group-leader and focal person of Network Systems & Security Research Group (NSSRG), working under the umbrella of Department of CS&IT, University of Malakand. NSSRG prime objective is to provide a stimulating environment for networking and security research at CS&IT department.

Last, but not the least that recently I have been granted the status of HEC (Higher Education Commission of Pakistan) approved supervisor since Jan 2014 HEC Approved Supervisor List. Currently, I have eight MS/M.Phil and two Ph.D students in my supervision.

This webpage is just to give a brief detail of my teaching and research.

                                                       Figure ‎1. A Wireless Sensor Network, deployed in an atomic reactor for monitoring

Fault Management - For more than two-decade researchers in the area of WSNs has been focusing on solving the problems that sensor networks are facing in the development and deployment of the majority of applications. Various models and techniques have been developed in order to automate and assist in solving of different issues and related difficulties. Most of these solutions are adapted as Network Management strategies while designing applications for WSNs. In general, Network Management is a service that employs a variety of tools, applications, and devices to assist human in monitoring and maintaining networks. A generic Network Management Systems mainly consists of Configuration Management, Performance Management, Accounting Management, Security Management and Fault Management subsystems. In our research we concentrated on Fault Management and its related issues in WSNs. Because faults can cause downtime or unacceptable network degradation, therefore, fault management is the most widely implemented part of any NMS.

Conference Papers

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[5] I. Khan, M. Z. Khan, N. Jabeur, and H. Mokhtar, "An Overview of the Impact of Wireless Sensor Networks in Medical Healthcare," presented at the 1st International Conference on Computers and Information Technology (ICCIT’2012), Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia, March 2012.

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General Articles

Project completed in my BCS (Session 1999-2003)

A Final Year BCS Project: "Network Timer Server for STC University of Peshawar".


Teaching at undergraduate (BS) and postgraduate (MS/Ph.D.) level
Supervision of MSc and BS projects

Previous Teaching included: Data Communication and Networking, Web Programming, Operating Systems, Database, E-Commerce and Computer Architecture. 

  • MS/M.Phil & Ph.D: Advance Networking
  • BCS & BIT: Data Communication & Networking, Network Strategie
  • M.Sc: Artificial Intelligence. and Data Communication and Networking

MS/M.Phil Thesis/Projects Completed

  2. Salma Begum " Topology Based Prevention of Sybil Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks" (April. 2017)
  3. Wajid Hussain "Improving the DSR Protocol to Minimize Link Breakages in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks" (April, 2017) - Co-Supervised

Bachelor and Master students' projects and supervision - Completed 

As part of my teaching, I am supervising bachelor and master students' projects. 

  • Numan Ihsan & Younis 
  •  Farhat Ullah & Akram Khan (BSIT-2016, CSIT Department) - "UOM Campus Internetwork Design, Configuration, and Implementation Using Packet Tracer Simulator". (Completed - Oct. 2016)
  •  Faryal Yousaf (BCS 2012-16, CSIT Dept.)" Design and Implementation of a VLAN Based Networking Solution for a Five Star Hotel Scenario". (Completed - Oct. 2016)
  • Shahid Sarwar & Idress Khan (BCS-2015, CS&IT Department) - " Implementation of Peer to Peer VPN into MPLS using GNS-3 Simulator". (Completed, Oct. 2015)
  • Ziab Rahim & Shahid (BCS-2014, CSIT Dept.) - "A Card Based Security System for University of Malakand". (Completed - Oct. 2014)
  • Rafiullah Khan & M. Khurram (BIT - 2013, CS&IT Department) - " Online eShopping Cart System". (Completed - March 2014)
  • Waqar Ahmad & Dildar Syed (MSc - 2013, CS&IT Department) - " Online Course Management System for University of Malakand". (Completed - March 2014)