This page provide details to some of the events, workshops, seminars and conferences I attended. 

Seminars & Talks delivered (Post Ph.D)

  • Department of CS&IT-University of Malakand - 19 April, 2108
  •  "Viva Survivor for M.Phil/Ph.D Researchers".
  • Department of CS&IT-University of Malakand - 05 April, 2108
 "Viva-Voce/Defense Presentation Structure for M.Phil/Ph.D defense".
  • Govt. Post Graduate College Dargai - Invited talk  - 23rd May, 2017
"Professional Ethics in Computer Science & I.T". 
  • Department of CS&IT, University of Malakand - 21 May, 2014
Presented a talk on " More Research, Less Frustration: Research Tools & Techniques".
  • Department of Education, University of Malakand - 19 June, 2014 
Presented a talk on " Don't Work Hard, Work Smart".
  • Administrative Staff Training Workshop, University of Malakand - March, 2015 
Presented a talk on " Networking & System Configurations".
  • Department of CS&IT, University of Malakand - April, 2015 
Presented a talk on " Key to success: Common Exam Mistakes, and How to Overcome them". 
  • Department of CS&IT, University of Malakand - May, 2016
Presented a talk on " How to Master the Beast: BS & M.SC Project".

Conferences and Presentations (During Ph.D)

  • CMS Annual Students' Research Conference - March, 2008 CMP, LJMU, UK 


  • PGNet Conference - June 2008 Liverpool, UK


  • PGNet Conference - June 2009 Liverpool, UK

Gave a talk on my paper, titled " Desing Consideration for Fault Management in Wireless Sensor Networks". 

  • CMS Annual Students' Research Conference - March, 2009 CMP, LJMU, UK

My first presentation in the school research conference, giving an overview of the work I have done. 

  • CMS Annual Students' Research Conference - March, 2010 CMP, LJMU, UK

My second presentatioin in the school research conference. I talked about the my present work, proposed architecture and experimentation. 

  • PGNet Conference - June 2010 Liverpool, UK

Gave a talk on my paper, titled " A Fault-Tolerant Network Management Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks".

  • IEEE AINA Conference - March 2011 Bipolis, Singapore

Presented two papers, titled " Limitations of Simulation Tools for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks" and " A Sensor Relocation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks". 

  • PGNet Conference - June 2011 Liverpool, UK


  • PGNet Conference - June 2012 Liverpool, UK


  • IFIP Wireless Days 2012 Conference, Dublin Ireland

Presetend a paper titled "A Zone-Based Hierarchical Framework and Clustering Scheme for Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks".

  • CMS Annual Students' Research Conference - March, 2013 CMP, LJMU, UK 

Session Chai

  • PGNet Conference - June 2013 Liverpool, UK
Reviewer and Participant

Training and Workshops (During Ph.D)

  • Presentation Skills - How to Make an Effective Presentation - June 2010 , LJMU

If you want to succeed in today's competitive employment market, you’ll need to communicate well and present yourself successfully. This introductory session will enable you to take the first steps to becoming a confident presenter. To gain maximum benefit from this session, you could also attend our follow up practical workshop ‘Your turn – try out your Presentation Skills.

  • Preparation for Interview - Oct. 2010, LJMU

Discover how to market yourself effectively and what to expect from an interview. Everything you need to know about interview preparation, awkward questions and successful interview etiquette.

  • List below is a selection of the skills and topics that I learned, (2008 - 2013), LJMU
    • Scientific Writing 
    • Critical Analysis and Thinking
    • Effective Reading
    • Essay Writing - Planning and Structure
    • Harvard Referencing 
    • Report Writing
    • SPSS
    • Writing for Academic Purposes
    • I.T. Skills - Including presentations using PowerPoint, data analysis with Excel, getting the most out of the Word, using Endnote to   organise references
    • Viva Survival
  • Effective Vocal Skills - To explore and expand the capacity of the voice as a means of communications (June 2013, LJMU)

To detail the basic anatomy of the voice, discuss the qualities of effective vocal skills, disinhibit the voice through a variety of methods, practice diaphragmatic breathing. Identify key aspects of diction, articulation, range, pace, tone and timing.


Seminars & Trainings Attended (Post Ph.D)

  • "English has Shrunk the World". (17 Dec. 2013)
    • A talk given by Prof. Dr. Ismail Wali, IM Sciences Peshawar. 
  • "How to write Literature Survey". (May, 2014)
    • A talk by Dr. Muhammad Saeed at Dept. of Education, UOM.
  • "Capacity Building Training of HEIs/HEC". (Islamabad, 27-30 April, 2014)
    • A four day training by IMSciences Peshawar under the TESP HEC.


  • Merit Scholarship for the last two semster in BCS (Hons) awarded by Department of Computer Science, University of Peshawar, Pakistan. (2002).
  • Ph.D Scholarship under Faculty Development Program from University of Malakand, sponspored by Higher Education Comission of Pakistan. (2008).