Network Systems & Security           Research Group

    Department of CS & IT
    University of Malakand


Our Mission


The group prime objective is to provide a stimulating research environment for network and security research. In addition, to commercialise the research being done in CS & IT department, NSSRG aims to collaborate with the industry to solve real world networking problems in terms of network design, assessment, development management and services. NSSRG having a team of highly competent and energetic faculty members who works on projects that comprises a diverse range of research, including distributed systems, Wireless and Peer-to-Peer networks, Sensor Networks, Network Security, Bio inspired Networks, and Network simulation and modelling.

We Cover


The network system and security side involves in both theoretical and experimental research, while using simulation and modelling techniques to study the fundamental problems in networking and security. Research in NSSRG also covers a broad range of topics including Online social networks, Wireless sensor networks, Body area networks, Ubiquitous sensor networks, Mobile ad-hoc network, Identity based-attacks in wireless networks, Modelling and analysis of networks, Stochastic simulation, and VoIP network protocols.



We Inspire


To stimulate and inspire young MS and Ph.D researchers, in our research group we conduct regular group meetings to discuss our current research and results. The group also organize talks, research seminars and workshops to facilitate cross-disciplinary discussion on topics of common interest.


We welcome your visit to our research lab and any inquiry about research collaboration or joining our research group and efforts.


Our Staff 

NSSRG has 4 core faculty members, 5 Ph.Ds. researchers and numerous MS/M.Phil students.


Dr. Sohail Abbas

Assistant Professor

Ph. D (LJMU, UK), BCS (Pak)

Research Interests: Network Security, Mobile

Ad-hoc Networks, and Routing Protocols.

[email protected]


Dr. Ajab Khan Yousufzai

Assistant Professor

Ph.D (Leicester, UK), MSc (Pak), CWD (Malaysia)

Diploma in IT HRD SEC, Sapporo, Japan
Research Interests: Modelling and Simulation,

P2P network, VoIP, Bio Inspired and social network

Collaboration: Working on a project in collaboration with

Leicester University, UK.


Dr. Muhammad Zahid Khan

Assistant Professor

Focal Person NSSRG

Ph.D (LJMU, UK), BCS (Pak)
Research Interests: Wireless Sensor Networks, Ubiquitous Sensor Networks, Body Area Networks, Network Management, and Fault Management in WSN
[email protected]


Dr. Haseeb-Ur-Rahman

Assistant Professor

Ph.D (LJMU, UK), BCS (Pak)

Research Interests: Distributed Networks, Social Peer-to-Peer Networks, Memory for Life System

[email protected]